Andrew Patterson

Andrew Patterson is a well-versed musician originally from Providence, Rhode Island. He has been playing professionally for almost 15 years, primarily, on the bass guitar. After attending the University of Southern Maine for classical and jazz performance (Playing both electric and double Bass), Andrew went on to work as a musician on various cruise lines. This required him to play in a variety of styles and situations, often performing for more than four hours daily. He has also had the pleasure of performing in more than 30 countries on three different continents. Backing up everyone from Broadway and West End singers to members of the British rock legends “The Hollies”, Andrew has built a solid time feel, and a relaxed approach the playing the bass guitar. His specialty is crafting solid, dependable, and melodically driven bass-lines in the majority of contemporary styles. Andrew has a passion for teaching music through building strong foundations in theory and technique. He feels that with these foundations in place, one can then go on to freely explore and quickly assimilate whatever music they choose. When not practicing bass, Andrew enjoys working in finance and also as a Spanish/English interpreter. He lives in South Portland, Maine with his wife, their newborn and their dog.