Music & Movement   Magic

Fridays, 11:45am-12:30, ongoing.


An interactive musical experience for the youngest musicians (3-5 years).  Barbara Fraser will bring alive favorite books with song, music, instruments, movement and stories from around the world; encouraging a love of music and movement through an interactive exploration of rhythms, percussion, hand-drums and melodic instruments. From jazzy nursery rhymes to Jan Brett's "The Mitten" to "Abiyoyo"- a worldwind of fun and learning.  

Rock Band I

Fridays, 3:30-4pm


Does your student musician sing, play drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, or another instrument, but not have the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians? “Rock Band” offers students the chance to work with other musicians as part of a group. Through rehearsal and performance, young musicians will work as a team, honing their listening skills, developing stage presence, arranging material, coming to understand band dynamics and learning proper equipment setup/care.

Adult Campfire Guitar

Thursdays, 7-8pm, begins 3/28

Only $20/class


Summer is coming!!! Whether you've played before or are completely new to the instrument, this a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals in a group setting all while strumming through some classic tunes.  The class will focus on basic rhythms and chords, preparing you for this summer's campfire in addition to future jams with friends and family.  The material will include rock, country, folk and popular selections.


Kids Marimba Band


Learn and play the vibrant music of Southern and Central Africa on the marimba (large xylophone).  Explore the globe through poly-rhtyhmic grooves as the member of a high-energy ensemble!  This is a group specifically designed and planned for young musicians in elementary school (ages 7-11).  This music is great for beginners and aspiring percussionists.  "If you can talk, you can sing; if you can walk you can dance."  -Zimbabwean proverb

Beginner Guitar Group


In this class, students learn the basics of reading music, understanding chord progressions, right-hand rhythm techniques, and the ins and outs of playing basic melodies.  For beginner musicians, this group setting provides a comfortable and relaxed environment as everyone learns together at a gradual pace.  This session is for first time players, offering them the chance to master the fundamentals and learn to read music while participating in a small ensemble.


String Ensemble

Thursdays 6 - 7pm



Designed for the advanced beginner to intermediate level student, weekly sessions will teach arranged pieces measure by measure. Participants learn to play their own separate part that becomes one with the group. This learning puts individual lessons to practical, group use! Open to all ages. We have openings for any number of the following: Violin / Cello / Bass / Guitar / Piano / Viola