Jim Svendsen

“Throughout history music has been a means of social connection, transfer of folklore, and a means of self-expression. These benefits have been lost in our modern-day culture wherein music has become just another commodity.  It is my goal to bring music, in its simplest form, back to the common people to enjoy as participants rather than consumers.

This participation restores music’s role in our lives, and enables people to relate to each other in a very basic, human way – be they a local homemaker or a convicted felon serving time. We are all part of the same community.”

Jim studied music and music therapy at Goddard College, and has been teaching group and individual guitar lessons since 2007.  He is also the founder and Executive Director of Guitar Doors – Instruments of Change, a local non-profit dedicated to bringing music and music programming to inmates, both adults and juveniles, in correctional facilities throughout the state of Maine.  To date he has facilitated the creation, arrangement, recording and production of 12 albums of original music with folks from all parts of the State.